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Blue Abstract Painting – DSW2-1984


Blue Abstract Painting

Blue Abstract Painting- Abstract painting is the most difficult art style to understand. Sometimes the abstract images contained in it seem unreasonable. Moreover, graffiti is scattered everywhere. It doesn’t even resemble any image. There is no definite figure, scene, form in this art. Besides that, Abstract has the meaning of describing intangible forms. In addition, abstract art uses the visual language of shapes, colors, and lines.

All of that, to create a process that does not refer to nature visually. In addition, abstract art is a painting that presents images that do not exist in the world. Even abstract paintings won’t draw people, landscapes, animals, or anything found in nature. Therefore abstract paintings look like real doodles painted on canvas.

Abstraction Level Of The Blue Abstract Painting

Sometimes abstract painting is referred to as a simplification of something real. In addition, artists use concrete and tangible things to create abstract works. Actually, all ideas are abstract things if they are not concreted in something. Generally this is a picture of the abstract idea at hand. Whether the depiction wants to present the idea as it is or wants to be displayed as clearly as possible to the public. Visual communication design or applied arts will tend to take an intermediate level.

Because the message will be conveyed clearly to the public. Meanwhile, pure art tends to explore at various levels. From the most abstract to the most abstract. That’s where abstract images stand, at the highest level of abstraction.

Stop Looking For Real Shapes

As stated earlier, the purpose of abstract painting is not to depict the real thing. Abstract works will not take references from nature. Even if you feel there is a resemblance to the object, ignore it. Our powers of appreciation will stop here. If we continue to look for references that are real and exist in the world.