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Harvest Wheat- DSW18-0001


Harvest Wheat

This harvest wheat painting depicts natural objects that present natural beauty into the work of painting.

The Meaning Of Harvest Wheat

Seeing the natural beauty of the countryside that is still beautiful makes the soul feel calm,

Plus hearing the sound of gurgling water flowing between the rocks is a melodious rhythm that reassures the beauty of nature.

In this painting there is rice that is yellowed and ready to be harvested.

The meaning of this rice painting is to work hard.

Because to get the rice harvest, it all takes a process.

Where the first process must start from sowing rice seeds. Then plow the fields, plant seeds. And then do the treatment until the rice is ready to be harvested

To get results, it cannot be instant, it takes a process to get satisfactory results.

This painting has a harvest theme which is depicted by a group of farmers who are harvesting rice in the fields.


This painting symbolizes prosperity and abundant sustenance.

This painting according to feng shui is a symbol of spirit and well-being.

Harvesting rice is the last activity of farmers after plowing the fields, planting rice

And driving away birds where farmers get their wages after doing hard work.

The meaning of the Harvest Painting itself is if we have a harvest painting then we will reap prosperity in our lives after we do our hard work.

We can conclude that harvest painting has a good meaning and can be an option to complement the interior of the room.

Harvest painting other than as a symbol that can invite prosperity to your residence.

The yellow rice symbol explicitly symbolizes wealth that is ready to be picked .

And is generally served in a position in front of the mountain range which implies strong support and protection for the wealth obtained.