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Banquet Painting

This banquet painting tells of an offering to the Lord Jesus. By preparing bread and fruit.

Description of The Banquet

Holy communion, easter communion, or eucharist is a rite that is viewed by most churches in christianity as a sacrament. According to some new testament books, the eucharist was instituted by jesus christ at the last supper. In addition, jesus gave his disciples bread and wine at the passover meal, then commanded his followers: “do this in remembrance of me” while referring to the bread as my body and the wine as my blood.

The term eucharist means to give thanks or gratitude. The term is used more often by the catholic church, anglican communion, eastern orthodox church, and lutheran church. While the term holy communion, especially in Indonesia, is generally used by most protestant churches. But the word eucharist refers not only to the rite holy communion or holy mass), but also to the bread whether leavened or unleavened and the wine consecrated in that rite.

The Lord’s Supper was used in the early 50s. As seen in 1 Corinthians,
When you gather, you are not gathering to eat the Lord’s Supper. For at that meal each one ate his own food first, so that one was hungry and the other drunk.

The term Lord’s Supper is commonly used in Baptist circles, as well as some evangelical methodists and Anglicans. Besides that, in Indonesia, most Protestants use the term Holy Communion.

Meaning of the Banquet Painting

The meaning of this banquet painting is to commemorate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Besides that, this Holy Communion is not a sad event full of fear, but a celebration of God’s grace. This painting shows the hope of the second coming of the Lord Jesus.

This painting invites us to always remember Jesus, our personal union with Jesus, even remembering our experience of salvation.