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Koi Painting

Koi Painting. Describe a koi fish. The term koi is also associated with nishikigoi which means carp embroidered in silver and gold. This painting was made with oil paint on canvas. Besides that, made by real artists from bali.

History of Koi

Although this fish has a name that comes from Japanese. However, this fish does not actually come from the Sakura country. In fact, this koi fish with the Latin name Cyprinus carpio comes from the Persian region. Which was then brought to Japan via China and Korea. When in Japan, koi fish undergo various changes, especially body color. For hundreds of years the Japanese people cultivate koi fish. And cross it with other types of fish. Then the results are like today, various types of koi fish with varied colors appear. The types of koi fish that were first produced from the cultivation were indeed varied in color. But each color can only form in one individual. Some of the colors of koi fish at that time included black, white, silvery white, red, yellow, and golden koi fish.

Then over time, one individual koi fish can finally have two colors. The color types that are first formed are red and white koi fish and black and white koi fish. The development of the body color of this ornamental fish does not stop. Because not long after that produced varieties with three colors. Even so, there is only one type of color combination, namely black, white, and red in one individual koi fish. Furthermore, the development of new colors re-occur. Or referred to as multi color. This multi-colored koi fish has a blue base color with white, red, black, and dark blue patches. After that koi fish began to be crossed with carp from Germany around 1904. German carp is better known as carp without scales. The result is that the body of some types of koi fish does not have scales.

Meaning of The Koi Painting

Some people believe that having a painting of koi fish at home will be better for the lives of the residents of the house. Because in feng shui painting koi has the meaning of wishing luck and prosperity. The painting will make your home have positive energy. In placing the koi painting, you should extend at an angle whose position is from the entrance on the opposite side of the diagonal.